The Mind

This is the post excerpt.

The mind is a scary thing when used for thinking, so use it wisely and use it carefully.
Our deepest, darkest secrets are kept there.
Forever laying in wait for a moment when they can strike,
And tell everything we have done, and everything we will ever become.
A dark void is what it is for some,
Being used for evil, never any good.
Saying the voices in your head told you to do it,
Is that just us looking for something to blame?
Are their really voices in the human mind?
The world may never know.
The creativity of ones mind can only be pushed to a certain limit, or so they say.
Do we really know when we have reached that limit?
Do we really know how to say enough is enough?
The mind is a scary place my friend, can you survive it?


I have cut you from under my skin,
I will never let you in again.
You sank your fangs so deep, I was hooked like a drug.
You shut the door after making me feel like a bore.
You’re no longer there when I need you to care.
A friend is what I tried for us to atleast be,
In the end it seems you don’t want that from me.
You made all these promises you couldn’t even keep.
Just empty words leading to false hope.
It hurts like hell letting you go,
It’s for the best because you’re just like the rest.
You gave up to easily once it seemed you had your fun.
You too would have trouble passing my test.



I’m pissed, I’m hurt, you’re such a fucking jerk.
I realize now just how shallow you really are,
I’m done wasting time on you, energy, and tears.
You helped bring to life all my deepest fears,
Trusting you was such a mistake.
All you’ve done was cause my heart to break.
The mind games are over I see now I could never be your lover.
You thought you knew me, but now it’s plain to see you truly know nothing about me.



I am not a child…
I do not have to listen to you anymore.
My thoughts and my actions are my own.
I am my own person,
I will not bend to your will any longer…
You will bend to mine.
I am no longer powerless and weak.
As your body grows old and your bones grow weak, will I be there?
Why should I be? Especially after everything you’ve done to me.
They say time can only heal the scars one has received over time.
Is that really honestly true?
For me it’s not the scars and trauma will always remain,
Never fully healing a constant reminder.
Those wounds are my past…
When pictures fade away my memories will not.
Forever haunted by them and the torment they hold.
My wounds are my past as you can see…
They have made me stronger and you cannot take that away from me.


Love me or hate me
Judge me even though you don’t know me,
Those cares I had are gone,
Never judge a book by it’s cover till you know the whole story.
Your judging glares and silent words tell me everything I need to know.
Don’t fucking judge me because you don’t fucking know me.
Make your false assumptions and keep underestimating me,
Just remember you don’t even know me.

Monster in the Dark

I’ll take a shot in the dark,
but I can see past your bullshit smirk.
All you know how to do is plot and lurk.
I can hear the gears turning inside your twisted mind,
Here I was hoping one day you would be mine.
You’re a creature of the dark without a heart.
Your eyes give away your lies,
The promises you make are nothing but lies.
You find joy in leeching off the pain you cause.